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The Endurance of Billy Loutit is Theatre Athabasca’s first original production. We believe that theatre can be grassroots and local as well as accessible and entertaining. We welcome you to join us at the show!

Our Company:

Cast and Crew

Frazer Andrews Playwright

Frazer studied theatre at the University of Lethbridge (BFA) and the University of Calgary (MFA). He served as Editor of All Stages Magazine and, in 2017,
contributed the chapter “Two Hundred Years for Fighting: ‘A History of Resistance’ in two Bilingual Hockey Plays” to the book The Same but Different: Hockey in Quebec.

Cheryl Andrews Director

Cheryl has been fortunate to work in many facets of professional theatre such as performance, direction,
production, play writing, costume design, stage management and arts education across Alberta over the last 15 years. 
Directing this talented group of artists in her hometown
makes Cheryl feel like she is “living the dream”!

Lori Claerhout Stage/Production Manager

A writer and editor by trade, Lori was as surprised as anyone when Theatre Athabasca reached out to teach her the ropes as stage manager. That she co-
founded Athabasca’s Billy Loutit Triathlon surprised Cheryl and Frazer and contributed stories to the process. There’s surprise all around. Thanks for coming!

Nathan Loitz Billy Loutit

Nathan is overjoyed to be a part of this production! He thanks Cheryl
and Frazer for the opportunity to play Billy Loutit, and Lori and Jonathan for all of their help and support. He thanks you for coming along on this adventure. Nathan is an actor, fight director and, on occasion, a stunt man.

Jonathan Hawkey Original Composition

Jonathan composes music and plays it on multiple instruments, builds
puppets and performs with them, writes, makes art, and instructs all of this from his perch in Athabasca. His passion? The arts! Jonathan says, “Collaborating is key to producing the highest quality product and the best way to adapt and improve.”


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